Coaching Excellence into Mediumship

This week is unique and a first of its kind. We will be offering you the opportunity to develop your formal training alongside understanding yourself better.

You will learn confidence which you can incorporate not your mediumship.

The tutors, Philip and Kerry, are international mediums and ICF coaches. They will help you develop your public demonstration and private reading skills and build your confidence.

This week will be one where you can develop aspects of you and your mediumship together in a safe environment.

Course Elements

The course requires an exploration into self to experience how your own beliefs and understands impact your mediumship. Its strength is that it combines practical exercises and formal training around the mechanics of mediumship. This will help you increase the depth of evidence and your ability to blend with the spirit world.

Key Benefits

  • A full dedicated week of training, practice, demonstrating and private sittings.
  • An understanding of the mental, emotional and physical stimuluses within your mediumship, through your spiritual awareness.
  • A deeper understanding of the mechanics of mediumship through formal training.
  • An intense week designed to accelerate your growth in mediumship.
  • An improved level of trust and confidence in your ability, leading to a greater blend with the spirit world.

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