Let’s Talk Mediumship

As a student of the Spirit and Soul Foundation, you have free access to this successful monthly program of ‘Let’s Talk Mediumship”.

You will be able to participate, meet your fellow students from around the world and ask your questions. Questions encourage discussion and debate, which forms part of the philosophical backbone of Spiritualism and Mediumship development.

This group offers a place to learn how to answer questions on mediumship and Spiritualism, in a safe environment, where everyone’s voice is valued.

So, join our global network by becoming a student and get free access to this unique, informative and educational opportunity.

Key Benefits

  • Monthly free sessions.
  • Become an Ambassador for Spirit.
  • Builds Confidence.
  • Stimulating growth.
  • Creates a safe community of togetherness.

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If you would like to make a donation it would be most appreciated. Donations go towards helping fund participants fee’s for those who struggle to attend courses as well as help fund the behind the scenes cost associated with the websites, technology and systems.