Mediumship Masterclass

Formal Training of the 9 competences of Mediumship

This programme is designed to enhance your formal training.

A comprehensive twelve-month programme that provides an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the key elements of mediumship. Philip and Kerry will teach you techniques and models around the 9 mediumistic competences and help build your own toolbox. During the course of the programme you will gain a deeper understanding and build confidence in your mediumship.

Join Philip and Kerry for a programme that covers all aspects of mental mediumship to further educate and enhance your own understanding. Take advantage of over 40 years’ experience delivered in lectures, tutorials and exercises to give you a strong education on the fundamental principles of mediumship.

Key Benefits

  • Progressive development.
  • Principles of mediumship insight.
  • Presentation of evidence guidance.
  • Deeper evidence.
  • Knowledge of the mechanics of mediumship.

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