The Self Coaching Medium Training Course

Give yourself the tools to be your own coach

Do you want to find out what’s holding you back?

Do you want to become confident in your mediumship?

If you do, then join us for a week like no other! Learn to own your mediumship, acquire some basic coaching skills and take a journey into self. These coaching skills will not only assist you in your mediumship but also in your everyday life. You will change how your see yourself and others.

Let us teach you how to build the strength and resilience within, how to gain confidence and learn to manage your fears, inhibitions and insecurities. If you are ready for change then join us on a course that will take you on a journey of self-discovery. There is plenty of opportunity to practice your mediumship as you go. This tailored course is an intensive week like no other.

Key Benefits:

  • More confidence in your mediumship.
  • Greater understanding of self.
  • Increased awareness of emotional intelligence.
  • Better capability to self-manage limiting beliefs.
  • Limit the impact of other’s opinions.
  • Strengthen goal setting and achievement.
  • Confirmation of your medium abilities.
  • Embrace personal growth with 3 Coaching sessions.
  • Enhanced skill set through observed sessions.

1-week intensive course delivered online

3 months of support assessment, guidance and coaching.

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