‘Sitting in the Power’

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Online tailored tutoring “the closest thing to classroom training” ©Philip Dykes

Kerry McLeod is very passionate about the development of Mediumship and the Psychic abilities, knowing that the greatest joy for her and the Spirit World is helping others progress, however she is also passionate about raising the standards of evidential mediumship around the world.

Kerry tutors and demonstrates around the world, on organised seminars, workshops and delivers Progressive Groups, assisting people advance and increase their awareness and sensitivities to give further insight into their ability.  Kerry believes in offering each individual an understanding around the importance of a well-rounded mediumistic education, sound knowledge, extensive experience and a commitment to developing the self.

Kerry McLeod will create a one to one bespoke training plan, structured to your individual ability and needs, this will be the closest thing to classroom training. The plan will consist of  a pre-consultation session, Kerry will be supportive but will offer a suitable level of challenge and encourage you to be accountable for your learning.

Kerry believes that personal development and spiritual growth, is key to the mediumistic faculty developing and if not worked through, will often stint a mediums progression.  That spiritualisation of the self, taking those deeper explorations into self, looking at the blocks that get in the way will be covered in this programme. Kerry is also a Transformational Coach and can deliver transformation coaching for those students who need additional support to explore the self, which sets her training apart from others. With over 2 decades of experience working in this way, Kerry McLeod has the experience that is needed to help you progress.

You will be able to either block book over a period of time, or have a one-off session. Kerry can offer this same service for small groups too.

If you are interested, please use the Contact Page to arrange a free pre-consultation session.