Kerry McLeod – International Medium and Tutor

Kerry was born in Fife, Scotland where although she was aware of the Spirit World from a very young age, her mediumistic journey began when she walked into a Spiritualist Church in Dunfermline in the early 1990’s.  Her formal training and education were then developed under the renowned Medium and Tutor, Jock McArthur, as well as at The Arthur Findlay College. 

All of this left a profound education of the Spirit World with Kerry.  It opened her mind around how mediumship should be natural, whilst being factual, logical and emotional.  It also left Kerry with a well rounded knowledge of the mechanics of mediumship.

Kerry serves both Spiritualist Churches and Centres and teaches in the UK, Mainland Europe, America and Canada.

Kerry strives with great passion to show the intelligence of the spirit world through her Evidential Mediumship, making her a great ambassador for the spirit world.  

Kerry is a qualified Transformational Coach and Spiritual Counsellor Coach and brings this training into her teaching. This assists the developing medium undertake the exploration of self at the same time as their formal training, which sets apart her training courses from many others.

Kerry’s passion for her work is presented through strong evidence, accurate factual information, together with the emotion of the spirit communicator, in order to fully bring the joy and life journey of the spirit forward. It is Kerry’s belief that the purpose of mediumship is to provide healing. 

Kerry states about her work, “Embracing the joy within the communication, is losing yourself and bringing their story to life”.

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