Private Readings

There are three types of private readings that Kerry can provide, they are:

Evidential Reading

In this type of reading, Kerry will provide evidence from the Spirit World that your loved ones are still with you. Kerry will give you accurate evidence, varying from the personality and character of your loved one, telling the story of their life and sharing their personal memories with you. It is also possible your loved one will pass relevant information occurring in your life at the present time, proving they still love and are watching over you. The purpose of this type of reading is to bring you comfort and healing from any grief you may feel.  It also demonstrates the truth that the soul survives physical death body.

Psychic Reading

In this type of reading Kerry will link with your Soul and will sense your experiences of life, thoughts, needs and intentions.  This means that Kerry will become aware of your past as well as what your current situation is. Through sharing the natural qualities of your soul and your potential in life with you, you will gain a greater understanding of yourself. This type of sitting therefore will encourage you to move forward within your life.  It is not fortune telling, for you will own your own decisions, through gaining clear insight and intention.

Spiritual Assessment

In this type of reading, Kerry will illustrate your strengths, weaknesses, spiritual abilities and soul qualities of life. It is generally on a psychic level working through the aura on the physical , emotional , mental and spiritual state of being and how these are manifesting in your Life. There may at times be input from the spirit world.  You will gain a clear understanding of your souls potential and life qualities. This insight helps you gain confidence and direction, while improving your understanding.   Whether you are at the beginning of your spiritual journey or have been on your journey for some time, Kerry will assist you gain clarity on the way forward.  

                                                                              Important Information

Private Readings are 30 minutes long, however you can book 2 x 30 minute readings below.

The modern world we live in is fast, improving communication. Technology allows us to talk to each other without leaving the comfort of our own homes. Therefore, Private Readings will be given using Zoom.

You can choose your time, book and pay using the link below. The time will be in your own timezone.

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