Private Readings

There are three types of private readings that Kerry can provide, they are:

Evidential Reading

This type of reading is delivered through the mediumistic faculty and ability with the focus being on providing communication from you loved ones in the spirit world.  Through this type of reading Kerry will give undeniable evidence proving that your loved one is present and reaching out to you, which will then offer you the assurance and comfort that they are still with you.

Psychic Reading

This type of reading is predominantly delivered through the psychic faculty of the soul, with the focus being on providing you with details and information about you and your life. By working this way, Kerry will be able to appreciate what has happened to you in the past and also what is happening with you in the present. Through hearing this information reflected back to you, your soul can offer you an insight into where you wish to move forward, however Kerry can not determine your future.

Spiritual Assessment

This type of reading is delivered through both the mediumistic and psychic faculties, with the focus being on identifying and uncovering your spiritual potential, also, where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Whether you are at the beginning of your spiritual journey or have been on your journey for some time, Kerry will assist you gain clarity on the way forward.  This type of reading can make you aware of potential and possibilities but can never make your decisions for you for these are completely up to you and the spirit world.

Spiritual Coaching / Spiritual Guidance

Do you feel like there is something missing in your life? Have you been seeking happiness through material things, without ever feeling true happiness? Are you looking to increase your awareness of your soul purpose?  Are you ready for change? 

Spiritual Coaching and Guidance sessions assist you listen to your own inner voice, your soul, as it knows what’s best for you, allowing you to live a more authentic life. 

Whether it be about your work, love life, parenting, health and well being, spiritual unfolding or broader areas in your life; this process of awakening the self, will help you take steps towards finding your soul’s true joy and calling, without having to depend on external things and other people. These sessions will inspire you to live your life in full consciousness, appreciation and joy.  

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