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The Support Network

Global Support and Family Ethics

The Spirit and Soul Foundation is proud of its Support Network.  It’s a fundamental part of the training and development of all mediums and students of the Foundation. The Network is a safe space for you to learn and practice, with other likeminded students.

This is a one of a kind infrastructure its success is it enables you to practice your abilities across a broad spectrum.  With students from all over the world, you’re guaranteed a multicultural mix of backgrounds and varied levels of experience. Stretching your ability to strive for perfection in development.

We are very passionate about and actively involved in the Network. “We’re pleased that it has been the platform for many to safely develop in personal growth and mediumistic development.”

The Network is a closed group that is only open to The Foundation’s students. Being part of the Network lets you access practice opportunities, Masterclass Programs and other courses which are shared.  The exclusive access ensures that you have first choice in your development.

Key Benefits.

  • Free support from tutors.
  • Safe practice environment.
  • First choice on courses.
  • Complimentary admission to the “Let’s Talk Mediumship” Program.
  • Priority access to Masterclasses.
  • Engage in observed sessions.
  • Book coaching sessions.
  • Participate in assessments